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BPAMA is the link between the Supplier & Marketer where the exchange of ideas and collaboration to improve makes the brand stronger. It is unique in our industry! BPAMA has been invaluable to our business. Andy McIlvaine, BPAMA Chairman, Coen Oil

Value Delivered

BPAMA brings value to our Members by supporting the growth and value of the BP brand. We jointly create better programs, foster relationships with BP’s leadership, create networking opportunities, and collaborate on strategic conversations. Jack Allard, BPAMA Executive Director

Collaborative Relationship

The collaborative relationship between BPAMA and BP is unlike any other brand. BP actively engages its distributors through BPAMA to point the direction of the brand in the US. Tim Corrigan, Vice-President, Corrigan Oil Co., Brighton, MI


What is New?
For those of you who made the NACS convention I hope you had a very productive conference!  There were some great workshops, speakers, and lots of products to see.  Digesting all the information will take some time but I know there was lots there to improve your businesses.  Here are some highlights of what is coming up in October:

*  The National Leadership Board will be held October 27th to the 29th in Atlanta, GA.  The Board will be providing additional feedback on the 2016 programs and starting to look at 2017 and beyond.  The NLB will be reviewing the convention agenda, discussing the EMV requirements and work to date, as well as learning about the risks we all face from cyber hacking.  Please be watching for the minutes from our meeting which will be published in November.

*  You should be receiving the 3Q Newsletter in early October.  This edition has updates on our programs, an important article on Healthcare requirements for businesses with 50 to 99 employees, a letter from John Carey, VP Sales & Marketing Fuels NA, information on our Lunch & Learns, and a description of our Ease of Doing Business project.  There are also several flyers included with this newsletter from our Premium Affiliate Members Patriot Capital, ROG Consulting, and Federated Insurance.

*  Registration for the convention is open!  Please be sure to check with Tara Setter,, if you have any problems with the registration process.
Check back soon to see what is new!  Thank you for your support and stay in touch!

Jack Allard
Executive Director


Partnering for Success

Since 1974, BPAMA has been the unparalleled leader in alliance between the Marketer and Supplier in the Petroleum Industry. The strength of BPAMA lies in the power of partnership, Marketers and BP coming together as collaborators to share business expertise, insights and shape the future for the BP branded business with the goal of achieving win-win opportunities.  BPAMA members influence strategy and program decisions impacting BP's jobber channel of trade.  Programs are developed with Marketer’s input, strategic decisions are identified early, and creative approaches to problems and growth are explored.  Add a vendor program where suppliers and Marketers can access goods and services needed for their businesses and BPAMA truly adds value to those who belong.  
BPAMA's objective is to strengthen the value of our member’s Brands by delivering increased profits, better returns, and growth through actions we collaboratively bring to our members.

BPAMA Leadership

BPAMA is led by a group of Marketers who are willing to volunteer their time to work on behalf of all BP branded jobbers. By using their knowledge of the industry, helping to identify key issues you all face, and work with their peers, this group of Marketers helps to add value to all our members by strengthening the BP brand. BPAMA is run by an Executive Director who reports to the National Leadership Board. The NLB is made up of 14 Marketers and 4 BP Senior Managers. We invite you to get involved with your Association by becoming a NLB member, joining one of the Working Committees, or by simply reaching out to a NLB member or Affiliate Member and see what BPAMA has to offer.  To learn more about the work of the boards and committees members may log on and review the achievements and work in progress.  

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