Who can join BPAMA? 
BPAMA is comprised of Marketer members, Affiliate members, and BP as an Associate member. All BP branded marketers are invited to join the association. Affiliate members are vendors who offer products and services to BP marketers.

Is there a cost to become a member? 
BPAMA is a non-profit organization (501-6c) supported through membership dues. Annual dues are based on each marketer's light oil volume. Affiliate members (vendors) pay a set fee on an annual basis. Annual dues are not deductible as a charitable deduction, but may be deductible as trade or business expense.

Why should I become a member? 
Unlike any other industry association, BPAMA provides the forum for Marketer members and BP to collaborate on programs and services to position BP as the brand of choice for marketers and consumers. This collaboration works to provide a mutually beneficial and profitable relationship. Vendors enjoy preferred access to BP marketers and BP management and the business building opportunity that it affords.  BPAMA works with BP to develop better programs, foster relationships with BP leaders, help shape strategies, and create networking opportunities.

What happens at the annual convention and trade show? 
The annual convention and trade show, hosted in a different city each year, is a three day event where members learn about BP programs and initiatives, trends from industry experts, and BP's strategic direction directly from senior executives. Workshops are offered in smaller group sessions where marketers learn about specific areas of interest such as new technologies, convenience retailing, asset management and customer loyalty programs. Jobber panels provide members with a unique experience to learn from their peers about best practices and how to manage competitive pressures. In addition, over 80 vendors participate in a trade show showcasing their latest products and services. Marketers and vendors rate this convention as one of the best and most productive in the industry.

How is BPAMA financially supported? 
BPAMA is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501 (c)(6) entity that operates on annual dues of its membership from marketers, affiliates and BP.

Who manages BPAMA operations? 
BPAMA is managed by an Executive Director and Associate Director.  Currently Jack Allard and Tanya Wilson fill these roles and run the day-to-day activities of BPAMA. The Executive Director reports to the five member executive committee of BPAMA's National Leadership Board.

Who is on the National Leadership Board? 
The National Leadership Board is comprised of 14 BP branded marketers and up to 5 Senior Leadership Team members from BP.  Eight Marketer members are elected by BPAMA membership throughout the regions where BP markets and the remaining 6 Marketers are appointed by the Executive Committee.  Each board member acts as a representative of their fellow BP branded marketers within their region. Board members come from diverse backgrounds; some operate large businesses while others run small ones. In addition to representing the general membership on the National Board, Board members participate in high-level advisory committees dedicated to specific aspects of the business.

What are the National Leadership Board Working Committees and what do they contribute?
Currently there are three (3) National Leadership Board Working Committees: Marketing Working Committee, Supply Committee, and Technology Committee. Each is charged with offering advice and counsel to the NLB and to BP senior management on shaping their respective strategies.

How often do members meet? 
The National Leadership Board meets three times per year. The Working Committees meet an additional two to three times per year.  In addition, a convention and trade show is held every other year where members have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with fellow marketers, vendors, industry experts, and BP senior management.

What specific achievements has BPAMA contributed to enhance its members' businesses? 
Following is a sample of recent achievements by BPAMA:
  • Pricing & Supply - agreements on pricing consistency and supply reliability as well as establishing a process for answering marketers' questions
  • Brand Value - Development of a strategy to increase brand value by focusing on standards of performance, promotions, advertising, and measuring the value of brand by geographic area
  • Credit Card Marketing - constant evaluation of fees and actions to increase value for marketers
  • Jobber Outlet Incentive (JOI) Enhancements - a financial incentive program for new and/or modernized retail investment
  • Jobber Benchmarking - a process of measuring how a business compares against other BP marketers
  • Annual Jobber Customer Satisfaction Survey - a monitoring process for measuring member satisfaction with the level of support provided by BP
  • Do-It-Yourself Reimage Program - a low cost, high value way to re-image
  • Credit and Terminal Control Management - a new method of evaluating credit limits and linking with the distribution terminals
  • Input into the development of programs and strategies for advertising, EPOS, credit card, and the portal
  • Branded Jobber Contract Updates

How are issues or concerns raised? 
BPAMA National Leadership Board serves both as a resource to get questions answered and as an effective voice in framing issues with facts in a way to reach decisions in a timely manner. BPAMA members are encouraged to contact their board representative to raise issues and concerns currently impacting business. These items are then incorporated into the agenda for the meeting.  In addition, BPAMA encourages members to contact Jack, Tanya, or other Board members directly to discuss the state of their business and the areas in which BPAMA can support their success. 

How does BPAMA benefit BP?
Just as BPAMA is a forum for marketers to discuss issues of importance with BP management, BP looks to BPAMA as the collective voice of marketers on programs, policies and strategic direction.  BPAMA helps BP become the brand of choice!

Where are the BPAMA offices located?
BPAMA is headquartered at: 
8858 Lebanon Rd, Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
phone 615-288-2594

How can I become a member?

Simply click on this link to submit an application via this website and apply electronically.

If you need additional information, please call Tanya Wilson at 615-288-2594.