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Lunch & Learn with BPAMA

BPAMA is pleased to announce a new member benefit and networking opportunity:  Lunch & Learn.  Over the next year, the Association will be traveling to local markets to meet with our members.  
These one-day meetings are designed to:
  • Provide relevant, timely information and education to our marketers; 
  • Identify current issues and needs regarding your business; 
  • Share an update of initiatives being addressed by your National Leadership Board and its working committees;
  • Spotlight industry best practices, charitable work, community opportunities, etc. through roundtable discussions
The Lunch & Learns will be hosted by Jack Allard, Executive Director of BPAMA, Chris Elliott, BP’s Director of Marketing Execution & Business Relations and one of the NLB members who represent your market.  In addition, outside speakers will provide insights on new programs designed to support your business.  
We do have one request.  We would like to take an opportunity to hear from those of you who have a best practice to share or some information on a charity you support.  We know there are many great initiatives that you are engaged in and we would appreciate the chance to learn more about what you are doing.
These sessions are an opportunity for you to strengthen your business, your Association, and the BP BRAND. We hope that you or a representative from your company can join us when BPAMA comes to your market.  A list of dates and venues can be found at:  Lunch and Learn Schedule

For more information, please call BPAMA at 912-598-7939 or email us at:  tsetter@bpama.com or jallard@bpama.com.  

We look forward to Delivering the Difference through enhanced engagement with our members!  

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