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BP just announced to the public that it has made available a "new and improved"
BP gasoline with Invigorate. As previously reported, BP modified its gasoline
formula to improve the fuel's ability to help clean deposits from engines and
give drivers more miles per tank.

The company describes the fuel as "innovative" and "based on patent-pending
technology" with 10 times better protection against deposits compared with
gasoline that meets the federal minimum requirement for detergent additives. BP
said its newfangled fuel restores an average of 3 to 5 miles per tank lost due
to deposits.

The major said its claims are based on "extensive" research comparing its new
gasoline formula to the base-level detergency in ordinary gasoline. The major
said the comparison assumes continuous use over 5,000 miles on fleet testing
that's representative of the U.S. car population.

Before BP's latest fuel revisions, its gasolines exceeded the higher level of
detergency known as TOP TIER Gasoline, which is prescribed by several of the
world's top automakers.

The major said an "extensive" advertising campaign promoting BP gasoline with
Invigorate is slated to air throughout 2016. The TV and radio commercials
feature a new character called Orby, a green orb who informs consumers about the
benefits of BP gas.

The multimedia campaign also involves a "significant" investment in radio,
highway signs, digital advertising, as well as signage at BP stations.
Accompanying campaign elements in Spanish are included to complement the launch
in select markets.

--Donna Harris, dharris@opisnet.com

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